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An Overview: Quicken Support
Quicken is a personal financial management software developed by Intuit inc. to facilitate finance professionals or individuals  to manage, operate and organize their financial transactions i.e. invoice sorting, printing expenditure, cheques printing, managing money transfers & producing taxes reports etc.

Different Types of Quicken- A brief glance
Intuit has developed numerous versions of Quicken including Starter, Deluxe, Rental Property Manager, Premier, Quicken Mac, Quicken Home & Business to suit the working of individuals. 

1. Quicken Starter:
Quicken Starter is a basic version for individuals to manage their expenses or issue bills and cheques.

2. Quicken Deluxe:
 In addition to aforementioned features, Quicken Deluxe adds planning functions especially taxes or investments.

3. Quicken Premier:
Quicken Premier adds analytical functions over the basic and deluxe versions. It has advanced features like portfolio analysis, tax analysis, performance reports etc.

4. Quicken Mac:
Quicken Mac is especially designed for Mac OS and includes exclusive bill pay features that facilitate the individuals to pay bills via banks/Financial transactions.

5. Quicken Home & Business:
Quicken Home and Business doesn’t include the features of basic or deluxe versions rather it is developed for specialized environments.

6. Quicken Rental Property Manager:
This version of Quicken Rental and Property Manager helps in managing rental property operations i.e. maintaining expenses, following tenants and generating tax reports.

Quicken Support – Why is it needed?
Intuit has been developing new versions of Quicken Software since its first distribution. Also, there have been a number of upgradations of Quicken versions, which has compelled the buyers to seek for Quicken support. There have been quite a prominent issues, both technical as well as software, which demands immediate solutions and can be easily derived from Technical support team.

What are the commonly observed problems arising from using Quicken?
The question shall help you understand the software further better as we shall indicate the problems that may give any professional sleepless nights.

               1.      How to install/reinstall Quicken software in the computer?
               2.      How can one set/reset the password? In case you forget your password, how can you  recover your password? In case of breach of security, how to safeguard my data through  password security process?
               3.      If you are using the old version of Quicken and just get to know about the arrival of its new  version, then, how and from where to download the upgraded version of Quicken?
               4.      In case you have upgraded your quicken software, the date and time issues in the  transferred/sorted transactions can boggle your mind. 
               5.      The problems with regard to entering of transaction, downloading data from file-to-file or    computer to computer or server to server etc. and any other effect of networking on the  software.
               6.      Queries pertaining to quicken software handling, transactions dealt through quicken software, online backup of data, erratic messages arising during downloading etc.

How can Secure Way help?
Our Quicken technical support can be your ‘online espousal’ in your difficult times with the software. We understand all your issues, complaints, queries better than any other support desk as we have a team of outstanding professionals, who have taken exclusive training of Quicken software and are specialized in IT functions also.

These trained experts are available round the clock to provide dedicated assistance in resolving aforementioned issues or any other query arising in the software. In addition to that, we entertain all your calls with utmost patience and guide you with the most compatible solution within a short span of time. Our management supervises your calls to monitor the performance of our adept executives and also help them in improving their services. We offer you optimal services to earn your valuable trust and attention.

We can become your first and only choice for Quicken technical support provided you give us a chance to prove our worthy services. Should you have any queries/ complaints/ issues pertaining to Quicken software, contact Secure Way on phone 1-800-985-4911/ mail support@online-fix.com

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